Find Your Place In The Spirit Of God

Posted by Rev. Mark Slay

God already has a place picked for you. He has already decided what He wants you to do. The part that is hard for Him is getting us to that place because it requires willingness on our part. The greatest enemy you will ever have is your own will.

If you find out where He has slotted you and fulfill that call, then there is a reward for you. The flip side of that is if you do not find out what He has for you to do and don't do it, you will not receive a reward. You will stand before him empty handed, not having fulfilled your call, whether you even knew you had one or not.

In I Corinthians the 4th chapter Paul refers to us as stewards. Verses 1& 2 - "Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy." What is a steward? A steward is someone who has been entrusted with something. It's someone you have given some of your possessions to and you watch how they use them.

Have you ever seen in the 12th chapter of I Corinthians where it talks about how we are all members of one body and how just like your body has different parts that each have a different function, they all work together to as one body. And just like the parts of your body have been given a function, we as members of Christ's body have each been given a specific function, or place, or job to do.

And don't just think that you have to be called to some type of ministry either. The Lord said to me back in 2013 that the role of business people in the last days is going to be huge. You'll be able to witness to people that I will never be able to and bring money into the kingdom that I won't be able to do.

I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to do in life but the one thing that trumped them all was this - I wanted to please God more. I could not imagine living out my life and not fulfilling what the Lord has planned for me to fulfill.

One day you will give an account for what He has called you to and how you used the gifts He entrusted to you or if you even used them at all. You will give an account for what you were called to even if you never did anything with what He had given you and that is something very few Christians know.